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Google three pack

The Top Three Places In Google's Three Pack Get 65% Of All Leads!

Think about this:

The top three places shown above are sharing the great majority of the search results for any given term.

Google's Adwords account for a lot of of the searches.

The top organic rankings are also getting a decent number of clicks.

How many leads is poor old Mike Collins Roofing (shown at right) getting for the term roof repair joilet il?

My guess is nothing, zilch, zero!

Don't be like him, watch the short video below to see how easy it is to beat anyone into those top GMB listings and STAY there!


rubbish gmb listing

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Dominate Whole Niches

Using Geo Genius you are able to easily push multiple GMB listings to the very top in the sought after three pack listings. In fact such is the power of the websites this software produces, you are able to BRAND your keywords locally, as can be seen in the image below.

When this happens, Google sees your listing as the major authority for that particular keyword locally. Google then dispenses with the three pack and shows your KNOWLEDGE GRAPH instead.

This is what we call hitting the JACKPOT.

Your competitors are kicked off the the front page since the three pack no longer is shown for this keyword, which in this instance is DIET DROPS.


brand local keywords

Watch GeoGenius In Action

Examples of Results Using Geo Genius

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