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Once installed, follow these steps to get started:

1] - Gather images and data required for the campaign.
Add images to the proper sub folders in the IMAGES folder
Add the data to a text folder in the order listed below.
2] - Run Ccleaner preferably reboot to clear cache
3] - Start Geo Genius
4] - In GG, Enter Campaign Name, Enterthe full GMB Name and street address if you have many similarly
named GMBs. Select the template to use
5] - Click The Blue DATA INPUT button
6] - Enter data collected in 1] above into the relevant data fields
7] - Click OK
8] - Click the green SAVE button - the Database opens, check that your campaign.
9] - Select your campaign and click Run


Below is a test campaign I ran . Do not use any of this data please

Keyword, location

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HCG Diet System
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It was only five and an half years ago that I came across this amazing product HCG and by using the HCG slimming injections and following the Diet Protocol can I honestly say I turned my life around!
I lost 34 kilograms in only 4 months and even my own Mother did not recognise me.
Due to my own success using the HCG Diet Protocol I decided that I had to share and make others aware of this amazing weight loss solution.
Our team is myself Helen, and Alexis my daughter, who is just as passionate as I am.
Obviously Alexis has been with me through my own weight loss transformation.
Alexis was never overweight in my opinion but she wanted to get back to her Pre-Pregnancy weight and successfully lost 9 kilograms and loads of centimeters.
This makes us very knowledgeable about the HCG Diet Protocol.
Alexis and I are very passionate about the HCG because we have know that this is the solution for those battling or struggling to lose weight, and we have seen how it really can change your body for life.


HCG Diet System
2415/12 Hawthorn Village
Short Street, Fourways
Sandton 2068
Helen Currie 072 064 3948
Alexis Currie076 366 0325

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