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Here are some our recommended tools and resources

Some of these are our own tools and others are tools we use every day in our businesses. We have tested all of them and you won't find anything here that we do not use.

Some are affiliate links others not.

GMB Local

This is our Google My Business training which caters for all levels, be it a local business that wants to dominate in  his niche, or a SEO business or agency who need to learn the secrets the gurus will never teach you.

Cloud Stacking Poster

This super powerful tool allows you to power up all of your Geo Genius sites, your websites, citations, videos enormously by using the domain authority of 6 of the most powerful domains in the world.

Imagine having fully SEO'ed  HTML pages with any copy, images, maps, videos embedded on Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Digital Ocean and P2 cloud?

Windows VPS Hosting

High performance SSD Windows VPS with RDP

VPS Hosting

GMB Genius


The ONLY Software That Makes Your Websites and Videos IMMUNE To Google Algorithm  Changes...

Creates, Shares Publicly, Interlinks (stacks) n the Google Sites and Properties Shown below, on autopilot.

Content Samurai

Go From Script To Video In Seconds.

With the push of a button Content Samurai reviews your script, cuts it up into professional slide layouts and formats your text. The bones of your video are formed in seconds.

Image Geo Tagger

Useful tool for naming and geo tagging images for use with our tools


With the Brute Force Indexer being added to G-INDEXER users once again have the power to mass index their backlinks and parasite pages. Even though indexing with the Brute Force Indexer is not instant, having an alternative option to index your urls within a couple of minutes to an hour is still keeping you ahead of the competition.


Alpha SEO Training

Local video marketing guru Bernardo Alves and John  Currie guide you in a step by step, easy to follow manner. Highly recommended.

In-depth, Short and to the Point, Newbie Friendly Training for Make Money Online Seekers, Business Owners, and SEO Experts.

100% Proven Blueprint to Drive Leads and Traffic For Local Businesses Using VIDEO.