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How To Handle Error Messages

If you get any error messages when you enter your user name and license, this is almost always caused by your anti-virus and or your default windows firewall blocking the software.

  • The error is generally "you have too many installations" or something like that..

To Fix

  1. Reboot the VPS
  2. run CCleaner
  3. turn off the Anti Virus and default Windows firewall
  4. then start Geo Genius and add the license credentials.
  5. After this you may start the AntiV and Firewall again.
  6. GeoGenius should be added to the exceptions file of both your AV AND the windows defender file.

After this you may start the AntiV and Firewall again and SG should be added to the exceptions file.

  • It is highly recommended that you run GeoGenius on a VPS for optimal results. They are available for as little as $20pm and are great for running your IM software.

  • Do NOT run this software on a Money Robot VPS or a VPS that has Money Robot installed. The two do not play nicely!

Make Sure you have the following installed.

You should also download FireFox 32 bit and install it over your regular 64 bit version of FireFox.

Don't worry, you won't notice any difference.

Also be sure you have .Net 4.62 or later installed.


You can access support at Please be sure to add your Skype address and also please add Sherwin, our support man to your Skype. This is his Skype name live:sherwinlayar01